IELTS General Training: Writing

There are two tasks in this module had at lasts one hour.

Task 1: 20 minutes, 150 words, write a short letter in response to the given situation or problem.  The letter could be formal, semi-formal or informal.

Task 2: 40 minutes, 250 words, write a discursive essay in response to a given argument, problem, situation or opinion. The style of the essay should be formal although the writer can also express their own views and refer to their experience.

Assessment: In order to do well in Task 1, you need to respond appropriately all three given points. In order to do well in Task 2, you need to identify the topic and make sure the content of your essay is relevant. In both tasks, you are also assessed on how well you organize your answer; this includes the order in which your information is presented, your use of paragraphs and the way you show connection between ideas, entrances or clauses. You are also assessed on your range and appropriacy of vocabulary, and your range and accuracy of grammatical structures.

Exam Tips: it is important to keep the timings, as Task 2 is longer, and carries more weight than Task 1. It is also important to keep the word limits, as writing less than the number of words stated is likely to result in a lower score.