IELTS General Training: Listening

The Listening takes 40 minutes and each section gets progressively more difficult.

PartNumber of speakersNumber of questionsSituationExample
1210social / generalConversation between a student and landlord
2110social / generalWelcoming talk for a group of new students
32 - 410academicstudents in a seminar discussion
4110academica university lecture

Question Types: multiple-choice, completing notes for sentences, completing or labelling diagrams, charts or tables, classifying, matching and writing short sentences.

Exam Tips: you will only hear each section ONCE. However, there is time to look briefly at the questions before each part is played. During the exam, you should write on the question paper, and at the end, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. It is important to do this carefully, and check grammar and spelling, as mistakes will lose marks.

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